Monday, June 17, 2013

happy 3rd birthday, link!

On this day, 3 years ago, Ed and I adopted our middle fur baby, Link. This complicated and adorable 50 pound ball of love was born in rural Pennsylvania, somewhere near Shippensburg (along the Maryland, PA border). Ed and I had been batting about the idea of getting a second dog as a companion for Radar, and we had our hearts set on this big, fluffy puppy we had seen at a local adoption fair. They lost our application for that puppy and the adoption agency instead sent us pictures of puppies that just made it into the shelter.
8 puppies had just been dumped over the fence into the shelter and they were a mix-matched group. They were a crazy bunch, too. All except one, that is. While all the other puppies tried to run straight towards the water and all over each other, one little puppy came right to me, climbed into my lap and licked my face. Ed was sold. We introduced that little puppy to Radar, and even though the puppy was tired and basically asleep, he perked right up and bounced around Radar trying to get him to play. That puppy's fate was sealed and he came home with us that night.
He was scared at first, and a little nervous about being in our Pennsylvania apartment, but he fit right in pretty quick. We decided to name him Link after the chain link fence he and his siblings had been dumped over into the shelter.
We fairly quickly discovered that Link has a lot of preferences and prejudices. He loves to sit right next to his Mama at night, sleep between Daddy's legs and sit in the sun during the day so he can watch out the window through his neighborhood. He really doesn't like people wearing baseball caps (something he has kind of gotten over) someone sitting in his spot, and being nudged while he is sleeping. Not to mention his nails. Don't touch his nails.
Link has a complicated personality, and a complicated background! When I was still working at the pet supply company, I was given a free DNA test. His background is about as complicated as it could get- miniature poodle, dachshund, basset hound, samoyed, tibetan terrier, flat coated retriever and several others. A lot of different breeds that make him a complicated little fellow.
He also dislikes crunch bones as treats. Give this boy the meat! He loves getting little pieces of table food (like meats and cheese), and he likes to play with his brother (not so much his sister). While he really dislikes men and strangers at first, if you come into our house and give him a chance, he'll love you unconditionally.
Going on walks is one of his favorite things to do, but he was so excited to go on walks that he would tire himself out before we had gone 3 blocks! He basically looked like he was swimming across the sidewalk to go faster. A little walking training and a pinch collar did the trick- and I learned all about the proper use of a pinch collar too (now my favorite training tool).
It's hard to believe we've had this little dude for 3 years now- he's an old soul. Getting Nora has calmed his crazy demeanor quite a bit, but he can still be a whack-a-doodle when he wants to be. We love him so much and we are so glad he's part of our life! Happy Birthday, Link-a-Doodle!