We all need a good snack every once and a while... this is where you can find all our favorites!

Homemade Blooming Onion- A taste of the Outback at home!
Homemade Hummus and Tortillas- It's easier than you think.
Buffalo Chicken Dip- My all time favorite.
Ed's Trail Mix- Perfect for games or just snack time!
Jalapeno Popper Wontons- Little delicious bundles of spice!
Spicy Garden Pickled Vegetables- Spicy spicy veggies.
Refrigerator Pickles- The classic, garlic-y and tart.
Beer Battered Pickles- The only thing that makes pickles better!
Old Bay Potato Chips- A Chesapeake Bay treat.
Pepperoni Chips- Meaty and salty... the best!

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