Saturday, October 12, 2013

sprong dog toys: revisited

About 7 months, I wrote a post about Sprong Dog Toys... you can read it here if you would like. Since then, the post has had a few negative reviews- folks said that the products they brought fell apart, and that the color rubbed off on their puppies mouths. I decided to post a follow up to let you guys know what happened to toys in our house.
The package we originally bought had 3 toys in it- a red, an orange and a green one. They're all floating around the house, but the green one is really far under the couch and I didn't feel like fishing it out. As you can see, the red one is in rough shape, but still kicking. The orange one I found outside, which is why it's so dirty.

I can say, all three of them held up considering the fact we have 3 rough dogs and we bought them 7 months ago. I can also say that none of the colors rubbed off on our pets- this is true of all 3 toys.

However, I can say that Nora did rip the red one apart fairly quickly at first, and the substance that makes it up does make a mess.

Reading up on the internet, I've found several reviews that claim that the Sprong toys they purchased at Sam's Club and Wal Mart are not the same product they bought elsewhere- that the toys they bought at Sam's and Wal Mart were softer, squishier and not as good as the ones they bought say, at PetCo. So, keep that in mind.

That being said, 7 months later, the puppies still play with them on a daily basis and they've managed to survive in this house, so they get a good review from us!