Saturday, February 16, 2013

sprong dog toys: a review!

The best reviewer of dog toys I know is Link- he loves a new toy! Radar could usually care less, he prefers chewies and treats, but Link... he LOVES a new toy. His little rear end twists and wiggles as he runs through the house squeaking away.
These are his current favorite toy- the Sprong! dog toy... the fuzzi, squeaki, spungi, chewi, floati, squishi, velveti, bounci, smooshi dog toy. It has the strangest feeling- kind of velvety and smooshie and rubbery all at the same time. I was afraid when I first bought one several months ago that the pups would immediatly shred them, but the colors were so fun and they felt so weird that I gave it a shot.
We were not dissapointed. The blue hexagon one we got lasted way longer than I excepted. In fact, it's still going. Granted, it's a little worse for the ware but what can you say after being left outside in the rain and being chewed on for almost a year by 3 different dogs? The velvety fabric cuts down on the slobber factor and it's never really super damp from drool. Not only that, the lightweight squishiness of this toy makes it less dangerous to throw around the house.
We got the above 3 pack from Sam's Club last night for $11.98, which is a great deal for 3 dog toys. The first one we purchased was from Wal-Mart and it was along the lines of $6.00. Be prepared for some loud squeaking and sqwaking, and some entertaining play time! Our babies played so much that they wore themselves out and are currently napping. So, don't let that face fool you- she's just resting for some more crazy time.