Thursday, August 22, 2013

salmon and spinach dog chow

Every once and a while, I like to make a home cooked meal for the pups. This is one of the easiest and least expensive.
This is LITERALLY all you need. Just a can of salmon, frozen chopped spinach that's been defrosted and 2 eggs.
This is just a precautionary thing- I always buy boneless canned salmon, but I like to dump it into a bowl first to make sure they didn't miss any.
Step 1- pour salmon and dethawed spinach into a warm saute pan. Mix and heat through.
Step 2- whisk the eggs to smooth.
Step 3- pour the eggs into the pan and cook allll the way through!
Pour the puppy chow into the bowl you'll be serving them in and let them cool quite a bit. No burning mouths here!
This meal is puppy tested, Nora approved!
Salmon and Spinach Dog Chow
1 15 oz can boneless salmon
1 16 oz package frozen spinach, thawed
2 eggs

Heat a pan or skillet over medium. Add in boneless salmon and spinach and heat through. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and pour them into hot pan. Stir together until eggs are cooked and remove from heat. Allow to cool before serving. Enjoy!