Saturday, May 4, 2013

jewelry cleaner

Okay, so this technically isn't a recipe nor is it for the dogs, but my ring gets soooooo dirty from cleaning, cooking and hand lotion that I used to take it once a week to the jeweler to get cleaned. But browsing the internet the other day, I saw a recipe for how to make an at home jewelry cleaner and it worked sooo well.
All you need is dish soap, baking soda, salt, hot water and aluminum foil. Each one of those things helps to scrub off the nastiness. Two things to keep in mind- 1) DO NOT USE THIS ON COPPER. All the reviews I read said it turned it black. So, this is just for gold, gold filled, brass, sterling silver and nickel. 2) Beware mixing the baking soda and other ingredients together- it will bubble and fizz all over the place. Just a heads up.
This bowl needs to sit for about 10 minutes to get those rings nice and sparkly. Please ignore my terrible fingernails below. Just focus on the shiny-ness.
Jewelry Cleaner
1 cup hot water
1 Tablespoon dish detergent
1 Tablespoon salt
1 Tablespoon baking soda
1 piece aluminum foil

Lay the piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of a bowl- like a cereal bowl. Place jewelry on top of that foil. Heat water in the microwave so it is hot, but not boiling. Add dish detergent, salt and baking soda to the hot water. Stir, but be wary of fizzing. Pour water mixture over jewelry and foil. Let sit for 10 minutes. Remove jewelry from mixture, and rinse with cool water. Dry with a rag for maximum shine.