Saturday, February 2, 2013

thundershirts starring honey

Meet Honey! She lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania with her mama, Susan and her sister Jenna. Although Honey is a fairly calm and collected young lady, she certainly gets spooked by thunderstorms. All those crashes and booms, who can blame her? The only thing that makes Honey feel better is her Thundershirt, a cloth body cover that acts as a natural and drug free anxiety treatment.

Created by a man in Durham, North Carolina, he found that the only thing that would make his large mixed breed calm down during storms and fireworks was to hold her. Sedatives were dangerous and noise desensitization had little effect. Since he couldn't constantly hold and console his frightened puppy, he did some research and found that autistic children often suffer from a similar problem. This information lead him to design the Thundershirt, which he modeled after an autism blanket- a cloth designed to apply even and comforting pressure to the midsection of a scared or anxious individual.
I've heard stories of Thundershirts working so well that the dogs will let their owners know that they need to put them on. One particuarlly adorable golden retriever I know would literally go and get her Thundershirt out of her toy basket and bring it to her owner. Now if that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is. And they don't just work on storms and loud noises- many people use then for crating, car rides, veterinarian visits, house guests and more. Whats more, right now on their website, they're offering a free embroidery to emblazon their shirt with their name! You can access their website here: Thundershirts!

Tell 'em Honey sent yah!