Saturday, February 9, 2013

feed this, not that: episode 2

In our house, the puppies don't just eat dry kibble- they get yogurt in the morning and a smorgasbord of yumminess at night in addition to to their dry food. Their dinner usually consists of kibble, a squirt of an oil blend, Bug Off Garlic, a dollop of pumpkin and a small scoop of wet food. Our wet food of choice is Simply Nourish. This is a newer brand that is owned and created exclusively by PetSmart (so sorry to all of you who only have Petco's or independents in their area).
Each can comes with a pop top and a plastic lid for storage in the refrigerator  and that comes in handy not only because it takes us 4 days to go through 1 can, but those plastic bad boys fit on almost every can, which is great for human food too!
Every time I open a can of this food, I'm always struck by how yummy it looks. Big chunks of meat, broth and real vegetables are the makeup of this food- AND the Chicken and Pasta variety uses rice flour to make the pasta, so it's still gluten free!
They are smaller cans than standard pet food, but the quality of meat and amount of ACTUAL meat you get is much higher. There are no fillers in this can!
Dog Food Advisor gives this canned food it's second highest rating of 4.5 stars, and it's closest comparable is Weruva- almost $4.00 a can itself. At $2.29 a can (and it's usually on sale) this food is a great deal. Since I usually recommend that you still feed dry food with wet food, the can can last a while. I do have 1 word of caution- most people know how I feel about mystery ingredients- I like all my products to be named. Their limited ingredient cans are listed as "Fish and Potato" and no where on their website or canning does it say what kind of fish it is, so I generally steer clear of that variety. Other than that, the can of Tuna and Salmon look like a can of Chicken of the Sea, and the meat varieties could literally be Hormel. And best of all, it's a big hit in our house!