Monday, February 25, 2013

coffee for the sick girl

First, I want to apologize for not posting the last few days. Since starting my new job, I've actually come in contact with people apart from places like restaurants and grocery stores. Some of these people have children, with germs and cooties. My co-workers passed these cooties onto me, and I've been slowly recovering. Nothing too terrible, just a chest and head cold. Right now I sound like a 2nd grader, and yesterday I sounded like a truck driver all intermixed with racking coughs that make even my dogs look at me like I'm nasty.
Needless to say, I've spent most of the last 5 days sleeping and downing cold medication with no cooking. I wouldn't want to get Ed sick, even though in the 4 years that I've know him, I've never once seen him sick the way I seem to get sick once a year. Ed's idea of getting sick is having a headache and some body aches. I get the whole schibang. So, instead of posting pictures of something I've cooked recently, or something awesome in the world of pet care, I decided to post pictures of my new coffeemaker; a gift from Ed!
The coffee is cup is from my Mom; pretty perfect right? And it looks so nice with the new Keurig! I've wanted a Keurig for a while, mostly because I'm really good at making too much coffee, and because I love variety. I liked the idea of having multiple kinds of coffee and being able to choose what I want depended on the day.
This is the variety pack that came with the machine. 12 different kinds, including one package of tea.
Because I was sick, I chose the tea to start off with. Only bad thing about this: no typical Celestial Seasonings quote!
This coffeemaker couldn't be more simple. Add water, add the K-Cup and press which size coffee you would like. My only complaint? Most of my coffee cups are gargantuan, and the largest cup this will brew is a 9.5 oz. That's okay. I'll take a few less ounces when it brew this fast! Seriously, it look less than 30 seconds from button push to burning my tongue. Totally worth it. Thanks Eddie!