Monday, March 25, 2013

fluff and tuff dog toys

These are Fluff and Tuff dog toys, a sturdy and plush puppy toy that's one of our favorites! We first purchased the elephant back in 2011, and it's managed to remain unscathed (for the most part) for almost a full 2 years! Any plush dog toy that can survive that long in our house is definetly a keeper. We actually have 4 other kinds, but these ones were sitting right on the top of the basket of dog toys.
All in all, we have the snake, elephant, baby frog, adult frog, tiger ball, squirrel, duck, baby gator and chipmunk and all have survived since we first purchased them. That's not to say they are in factory condition, but apart from minor tears and holes, they are basically intact.
I have had the pleasure of meeting the owners of the company, Ellen and Chris Lawson, and they are super sweet- which makes you feel even better about buying the toys! Each piece is designed with their own 3 dogs in mind! Not only that, but for each toy they sell, they donate $.50 to Leader Dogs for the Blind!
These toys are durable- more durable than almost any other toy I've given to the dogs. Definetly the most durable plush toy they've ever had! Each toy features:
-Ultra plush outer fabric
-Thick inner mesh liner
-Double stitched seams
-Stitched (not plastic) eyes
-No hard edges
Now, these toys aren't super cheap. But believe me, they are worth it! $20.00 for a toy that'll last 2 years like our elephant has is worth it. Especially since you can spend $5.00 on a toy and it'll last less than an hour before the stuffing is all over the place. They've recently come out with an extra large sized Bear that retails for almost $30; still cheaper than most "durable" labeled plush toys.

You can buy Fluff and Tuff dog toys here, and check out their website for a list of local vendors!