Tuesday, January 22, 2013

an unexpected journey

The inaugural post. We won't get too complicated with this one, but we'll start with a little background. In 2008, I graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in History. I immediately adopted my first dog, Radar. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he became the center of my life, more famous than myself, and arguably the favorite member of the family. Adopting Radar really began my interest in modern canine nutrition; I only wanted the best for him so we could have the longest life together possible. I traveled onto Graduate School in Shippensburg, PA to pursue a degree in Public History (a.k.a. Museum Studies). While there, I worked for PetSmart as a Pet Care Specialist and furthered my interest in canine nutrition. Just before graduating, I met a man in a bar named Ed. Long story short, we've been together for 3 and 1/2 years, and just last week, he asked me to be his wife.
Not too long after meeting, we moved in together and adopted our second dog, Link. His background was basically a guessing game until I was given a free canine DNA test. Although we loved him no matter what his breed, we decided to settle the bet once and for all. His genetic make-up is Dachshund, Samoyed, Basset Hound, Mini Poodle and Retriever. As you can guess, he's a complicated little fellow that's standoffish at first, but has more love in his little brutish body than seems possible.
In 2011, we decided we couldn't handle the Northern climate any longer and made the decision to migrate to the South. We visited Savannah, Georgia on vacation and had immediately fell in love. Ed took a position managing a retail store, and I took a job managing a premium pet food store. It was there that our final family member made her appearance. One particularly busy afternoon, a woman came in with a puppy that she had found wandering the Southside of town with cuts and wounds all over her small body. We made the decision to foster her and find her a new home, and needless to say, she's never left. Nora is now a healthy and rambunctious pitbull hound mix that terrorizes and loves on our boys.
I no longer work at that pet food store, and spend most of my time looking for a new career path, keeping our home, cooking for two and researching how to further enrich the life of our fur babies. My life has taken quite a turn from where I expected it to go, but I couldn't be happier. Our little family is complete for now, and we are prepping for our biggest year yet. We're looking forward to see where it goes...